Death of the Land Line (happening now)

by Bill in Business

Until recently I thought that the transition from traditional telephone systems was going to be soley to internet based VoIP service.

Well, as much as I hate to admit it, possibly, maybe (ahem, cough) ... I might have been wrong.

The Great Land Line Exodus

It's no secret, businesses are switching to VoIP based systems and services. The transition is in full swing.

It's easy to understand the VoIP value, you get more for less, and most of it is pretty easy for normal people (no geek required) to use. Now, with Internet connectivity getting better, the old arguments for not switching to VoIP are trivial.

While this trend will continue, it's just a stepping stone for businesses.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are already ditching expensive and limited phone systems and turning towards mobile devices.

The Mobile Movement

Who doesn't have a mobile phone? I bet you can't find 10 people, I tried. Then, try to find one who doesn't have a smartphone.

Any luck? Ok, maybe your grandparents. When you're at the mall what do teenagers have? iPhones, they all have iPhones.

So, mobile phones are appendages now, you don't leave home without them. If you do, you're probably like me, you feel naked and nervously disconnected.

A Human Voice Will Just Have To Do

Email and text messaging hasn't completely replaced voice communications for a reason, there's no clear inflection (tone, mood), and implying inflection can often lead to an undesirable situation. While emotes help, inflection is usually derrived from the reader's mood, yikes!

It's been proven, you have a 88% greater chance of resolving a conflict with a phone call than with an email or text message. Don't believe me? Try it (just not with your girlfriend, trust me, oops).

You need a human voice to get a clear meaning. For this reason alone, or until we can read each others minds, the human voice will have to do.

RocketVox: The Timeless Phone System

RocketVox can intelligently route calls and doesn't care if you have a smartphone in your pocket, a business phone on your desk, or or a phone chip implanted in your brain.

As an entreprenuer, you (should) recognize the need to seperate personal from business and the need to manage your business and sound professional while staying connected to your customers.

Your business will always need the ability to get callers to whoever is best equiped to handle them. So, you need a front end to your mobile phones or voip devices.

You need RocketVox.