Goofy Little Pictures

by Phoenix in Tips

Speaking of Emoji — The Best of Both Worlds — our attention spans aren't what they used to be.

It's not that we're not good at paying attention, it's that at every angle we get a constant barrage of information, we tend to filter a lot of it out automatically.

As a business owner you may think Emoji is silly .. and I would have previously agreed with you.

Customers tell us that adding Emojis to their text messages, automatic replies, or presets increases the chance of a response by almost two fold.

Given two text messages, the shortest and most colorful message will grab your attention.

People like colors and most will appreciate that you don't take yourself too seriously. They won't respond to paragraphs of boring professional sounding jargon but they will at least read short messages with some goofy little pictures thrown in.

So ❤️ emoji for more 💰 and watch your bottom line grow like a 🚀

Your RocketVox virtual phone system fully supports Emoji in text messaging, presets, and even automatic replies.

Goofy little pictures work, give them a try!